Data Center Relocation Tips for Your Office Move

A regular office move is tedious enough, but when you add relocating an entire data center the process becomes an even bigger challenge. There are several steps you need to take to ensure a data center relocation goes smoothly. The first thing you will want to do is find a reputable office mover with expertise moving data centers and IT departments. The experience and skills of the office moving company is very important, especially when you consider the proper care of your most expensive and sensitive equipment. Even with the assistance of a professional office mover there are a few things you need to do in-house to make sure you’re ready for the move.

Check Insurance

Make sure the office moving company has adequate insurance. This insurance will cover any damage or losses that might occur during the move of your computers and other valuable equipment. Even the most skilled data center relocation service can encounter issues beyond its control, so it’s critical that you insure your investment.

If you have specialized equipment–such as a large office copier–that is leased or maintained by other companies, you will want to check with them to see if you are contractually obligated to allow them to move it. This will protect you from liability for any damage to the equipment during the move.

Remove Obsolete Technology

There is no point in hassling with or paying to move obsolete IT equipment. Go through your printers, computers, copiers, old phones, and other devices to see what you need and what you can discard. Some professional office movers can also handle the secure disposal of these items for you.


Long before you move you should backup data physically or to a cloud network. If your office has an IT department, it should be in charge of backing up each computer and data system in the building. This can be a very time consuming process if you have a large operation, so you will want to give your IT department plenty of time to prepare.

Hire the Right Office Mover

The best office mover will have employees with the expertise to support your IT department before, during, and after your data center relocation. It will provide white glove handling of all electronics, including computers and network mainframes. Make sure you work with an office moving company that employs a team of specialists who understand the logistics of a large IT move. A professional and experienced office mover will ensure your relocation goes as quickly and smoothly as possible so you can get back to business with very little downtime.

Look for a professional office mover with IT and data center relocation expertise that includes:

• Attending move meetings and helping to plan the relocation

• Careful handling of sensitive electronic equipment on a specific delivery schedule

• Expert support to get your network up and running

• Managed moves for all PCs, workstations, peripherals, phones, and printers, including disconnection and reconnection services

• Specialized crates and pallets to securely move servers, racks, mainframes, and other equipment

A reputable office mover will use office moving best practices that adhere to privacy regulations so you can eliminate the possibility of a data breach. The company will also clean your equipment during the move to remove the dirt and grime that can reduce its life and performance.

If your business is in the planning phase of an office move, you only want to put your equipment in the hands of a professional with data center relocation experience. Admiral Movers’ office moving services can help you move with as little interruption as possible. The company uses innovative moving practices and the most advanced technology to relocate your data center, computer room, and IT equipment efficiently and without damage.

6 Tips to Help You With Your Office Relocation

If you want to relocate your business, you may hire a commercial relocation service. Based on how you have planned the move, it can be either easy or overwhelming to move a corporate office. Therefore, you may want to understand the important components of the process before you get started. Given below are 8 tips that can make the process a lot easier. Read on to find out more.

1. Advance Planning

Make sure you plan ahead of time before you begin. In fact, planning will have a great impact on the process. It’s much better to start this process at least 20 weeks before the big day.

Your first move is to determine where your stuff will be put in the new place. If you want to add new equipment, such as furniture and staff, make sure they will fit in the new office. Another great measure is to put together a floor plan for your new office.

2. Hire the Best Commercial Office Movers

Hiring a professional is much better to handle the equipment carefully. Make sure that the provider is competent enough to take care of everything that you want to move to the new office.

Another important point is to get references of the previous clients from the service provider. You can contact the references to find out if the service they used was reliable. The hiring service should have plenty of experience.

3. Accessibility and Measurement

You may want to measure the new office and put together a plan for the new infrastructure. For instance, if you are going to shift to the second floor, find out if you can use the elevator to reach the second floor.

Also, if you can’t access the lifts, talk to the office movers about how they are going to take the stuff to the second floor.

4. Consider Deep Cleaning

Do a deep cleaning of the old office and then get rid of the unwanted stuff. This will help you save on the moving cost, as you won’t have to spend on moving stuff you don’t need any more.

In the same way, get your new office cleaned before your stuff is taken there. This is quite important.

5. Inform Your IT team

Make sure your IT team knows about the move ahead of the day. Keep in mind that your new place requires new phones, internet connections and other things. Based on the size, make sure your team also has a plan for the move.

6. Order New Stuff

If you are going to add fresh stuff, such as furniture, equipment or other things, make sure you buy them in a timely fashion. Consider the delivery schedule as well as installation instructions as well.

Make sure your contact information is correct and all of your new contacts have your contact information. Aside from this, your new contact details should be updated on your social media accounts and websites.


Long story short, these are some important things to keep in mind if you want to make your office relocation a lot easier.

The Process Of Relocation

When it comes to relocation, there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out. Let us take a look at office relocation and family relocation to see what the different processes would be.

Office relocation

This can be quite a chaotic time for a business. It is one thing to move a single family, it is entirely another to move a lot of people and all of their various files and documents and work stations. You will have to make sure that all the sensitive documents are placed in sealed boxes or locked filing units so that only the authorised people have access to the information. You do not want the relocation company to have access to your confidential salary information or customer information. Nor do you want anyone that is not in the payroll department to have access to the salary information of the other employees.

You also have to be sure that each desk and computer goes to the person who originally used it. This means that you will have to make sure that each computer and monitor is labelled correctly with the name of the person who uses it. Time is an important factor when it comes to an office relocation. People do not want to lose a lot of time unpacking and waiting for their things to arrive. They want to get to the new office and begin work almost immediately.

Family relocation

This is significantly easier than office relocation. There is generally a lot more to pack per person, but fewer people over all to move. There is also no confidential information to be taken care of. It is quite simple to pack everything into boxes and to label it according to the room it is supposed to go into and then to put the boxes into that room and unpack them as you need to. you will also be able to make use of everyone in the family to unpack all of the boxes as there is nothing that is really confidential to worry about. This makes both the packing and unpacking a lot easier and a lot faster as many hands make light work. You can also take longer to unpack everything once you have got it into your new home as you might not need it immediately.

The complexity of any move generally depends on how many people you are relocating. The more people there are the more complex it gets. There will be more boxes to arrange and pack and unpack. This is why an office move is generally a lot more complicated than a family relocation. Of course, the earlier you start to plan things and get things ready, the easier it is to get things sorted out on the other end again.

As you can see, there is a big difference between an office relocation and a family relocation, primarily because of the number of people who are being moved. There is one common denominator though, planning. Planning will always make things go more smoothly and more quickly.

Moving And Relocation Services Made Easy With Proper Move Planning

Over 18% of Americans moves from one home to another each year and up to 80% of those will relocate in just a few short months during the Summer. The most secure option for insuring a safe and smooth move for you or your family is to prepare early for your upcoming move. Some people chose to save money and move themselves but there are many undesirable aspects to do it yourself moving that may leave you wanting to hire a pro mover. Choosing a reliable moving company that you can trust is going to be your most important decision once you decide against moving yourself and using the internet to help in your search for a mover isn't as easy as you might think.

The web has made it much to easy for un-licensed and down right bad movers to take advantage of good people who think that the cheapest mover must be the way to go when in reality cheap moving companies are probably your worst choice. Moving is a service and as with most things in life you get what you pay for in a moving company. Going cheap with the company that will pack up and haul everything you own is not the best choice you can make and hiring a quality moving company is a much safer choice.

One of the biggest issues movers face is in managing the huge number of people that want to move during the summer months. If you can possibly avoid moving during the summer you can alleviate many of the headaches others find when moving. Moving companies experience up to 90% of their business during the summer months and many of them will intentionally overbook moving trucks and make promises they know they can't keep in the hopes that they are able to squeeze you move in somehow. These kind of moving companies can cause some real trouble for those of us that plan things in detail. If you have to maintain a schedule and show up to your new job on Monday you certainly don't want to be stuck at home waiting for the mover to show up with your business clothing in the back do you?

of course not and no one would. What you must do is plan properly and research early so you can find not just any moving company but the right moving company for you. What you want is to find an affordable moving company that provides professional level services at reasonable rates. Finding the cheapest mover is easy but finding a moving company to trust with the entire contents of your home is far more difficult. When planning your next move take the time to research a number of moving companies licensed to provide the type of services you require. Some moving services companies offer complete relocation services including lads of information in moving guides, tips and calculators online. For up to date information on the moving industry take a look at some of the moving company blogs and read about current trends in the moving industry.

Moving Tips – 12 Amazing Tips To Facilitate Relocation

Moving can be a pleasure if you go about it in a systematic and organized manner. There are so many things to be considered when moving, the main priority being, moving your things in a safe and timely manner – of course, you will need to make a budget, so that your expenses are kept in check. You can consult family and friends who have gone through moves and they will definitely be able to relate their experiences and give you some useful tips. But, in order to get the best service, it would be best to go online or contact a moving company. This would be the professional way to go.

Brochures that provide Information

There are brochures that contain tips provided by moving companies. Realtors and Post offices also contain information that will help make your move smooth and give you all the tips you need to avoid hassles, financial disasters and make sure that your things arrive safely and on time.

Tips that can help you

These are some of the tips that can help you to make your move as comfortable and stress-free as possible.

– You will need to make a detailed plan, weighing all the pros and cons of the things that you need to take with you. If your move is a sudden one, involving a job change, then you may not be able to plan far ahead.

– You may want to do your own packing thus saving money. If the Company is paying for the move, then you may want to hand over the reins to a mover. This will give you time to attend to other details.

– You may consider keeping a pet-sitter or a baby-sitter while you are moving, so that their routine is not upset

– It will be necessary to take all measurements of doors and windows, kitchen spaces, laundry area and living room spaces, so that your furniture and appliances will fit into your new home.

– It could be a good idea to keep your stress levels down by taking a break or maybe just relaxing on a week-end.

– Make a note of all dates on the calendar – whether it is to pay your last bills or cancel newspapers, utilities, phones, internet etc., and all paperwork with the lawyer.

– Boxes neatly packed and labeled with details of everything in the box will make it so easy for you in your new home. This may take time, but it is an invaluable help when unpacking. The last thing you need when you arrive tired at your new home, is not to know where your things are.

– This is a good time to get rid of things you don’t need. People get accustomed to accumulating things, clothes and artifacts. You will need to assess whether you really use them, and if you don’t, then either give them away, have a garage sale or call the Salvation Army for a pick-up. There is no point in moving things that you really don’t use.

– On the day that you move, the place that you are leaving and the one that you are going to, should be open, so that your move is a smooth one.

– Plan in advance for equipment and dollies that you will need in case you decide to move yourself. Otherwise, you can let the moving company know and they will make all the necessary arrangements regarding equipment and whatever they need to move your things.

– Always go through everything in your old home, so that nothing is left behind. It is so easy to forget things like the lawn mower or other useful gadgets that are stored in the garage or in the basement.

– All it requires is skillful organization, planning in detail, and with the help of good moving tips, you are on your way to a smooth and hassle-free move.