Moving Houses: How to Systematically Plan Your Transition

When moving into a new home it is best to prepare months in advance to ensure that financially everything is in place as well as physical property is well taken care of. Moving requires planning, making list, making calls and following up on services as well as individuals. Being systematic and attentive to everything from the newspaper subscription to the local daycare is necessary to allow the move to be seamless.

Prior to the Move

Moving houses should be done systematically in order to properly plan your transition. A few months prior to moving that is the time to get the moving supplies together, whether they are borrowed, rented or purchased. The necessary items are; boxes, tape, rope, newspaper, a small knife, blankets and a hand truck. Once all of the supplies are in order it is time to go through every room and separate out all items into three separate piles; Keep, Donate, and throw away. Whatever supplies that can be attained free or from donations should be sought after first, in order to keep expenses at a minimum.

A few weeks before the move is when reputable movers should be hired. This information can be obtained through referrals from friends and family or a reputable referral site. Once this is set up it is time to call all of the utility companies from phone to electricity and set up transfers or cancellations of accounts. Call doctors and transfer records to the new physicians or vet. Register children for their new schools and have their records transferred from the old school. The next thing to do is to have all mail forwarded or discontinued. Call the homeowners insurance company and make arrangements to set up new arrangements if necessary.

Movers Are Done

Once the movers have completed the physical removal of furniture etc. it is time to go through each room and check for any thing left behind. Clean, sweep and make each room dust free. Then check to make sure that the day of the final vacate that nothing is left behind and keep money, credit cards and personal information close at hand for easy access. Systematically planning your transition is a necessary thing that has to be done in order to ensure that every piece of furniture and every valuable trinket is not destroyed or forgotten. Also a smooth transition is less stressful and it makes everyone happy in the end.