What to Look For in a Moving Company When You Have Very Expensive Furnishings

Insure your possessions – You need to realize that your belongings are bound to be hauled across thousands of miles thereby subjecting them to the risk of breakages or even loss. Although the number of moving claims filed is minimal, it is advisable that you get proper insurance cover for your possessions because things may just go wrong. If you are not sure about a cover that is suitable for you, consult the moving company that will be helping you relocated for advice.

Pack your possessions for a long distance – When moving over a long distance, it is highly likely that your possessions will be handled by numerous teams of workers in addition to driving across thousands of miles over a lengthy period. This calls for you to ensure that all your items are adequately cushioned and sealed inside the box. Additionally, pack all boxes to the highest level so that there is nothing loose.

Carry with you belongings you will need on arrival – Personal documents like social security card, driver’s license, birth certificates and passport must be within reach when moving. Do not pack them alongside other items in the boxes. This also goes for other items that you will need when you get to the new home as you wait for your shipment. These include hygiene products, clothes and sleeping materials among other things.

Organize your possessions when packing – Pack your belongings according to the type and be sure to label the boxes so as to be able to tell the kind of care needed for the different categories of items. This form of organization is also a time-saver not only in packing but also when unpacking.

Avoid packing liquids and food – Refrain packing liquids and food as they run the risk of being crushed or even attracting vermin. Besides liquids may end up spilling and getting your stuff wet.

Clearly label the boxes with your name – In most instances, long distance moving trucks will have belongings of different people. Thus, labelling your stuff minimizes the chances of your items getting lost. Moreover, with labelled items, it is easier to tell when there is a mix-up of the shipment.

Keep in mind the delivery window – Long distance moving can take such a long time because of the various destinations involved. You need to ask your moving company about when you can expect your belongings to arrive at the new home.