Senior Housing Placement

There is a lot to know about senior housing communities. From what care is provided and what amenities are included, to costs and restrictions. With dozens of possible communities, with differing services and costs for each, how does one easily navigate the search?

A housing placement or referral advisor is your absolute best solution, and contacting one should be your first step. It is their sole purpose to assist individuals and families locate the appropriate community for themselves or their family member.

As with many providers in the senior services industry, placement advisors have a heart for working with seniors and their families, and know local senior community options inside and out. They know what a big decision the move is, and they care and want to help.

The advisor or consultant’s process is to first meet with the family or individual to assess goals and criteria. Two of the most important criteria to consider are needed care, and social abilities, needs and desires of the individual. Other considerations are budget, location, size of the community and amenities, as well as whether or not a pet will be making the move. Answers to these questions will not only point the advisor to communities that best meet the needs of the senior, but also to the communities that currently have openings.

After suitable housing options have been identified, many advisors will accompany the senior and family on a tour of each community. Obviously, this is an invaluable service. During the tour, the advisor can point out factors that the senior may not think to consider. Be warned, online referral agencies are not full-service, and will not meet with the senior or family, let alone provide tours.

Not only will using a placement advisor save time and aggravation, but the service is typically FREE! Placement advisors get paid by the community, not by the senior or their family. In the few instances when that is not the case, there may be a nominal fee charged. Either way, using a senior housing placement advisor is a no-brainer.

A limitation of the advisor is providing assistance with housing for low income seniors, or those moving to a regular apartment complex. Most advisors can provide information on where to get additional information for these situations, but due to the complexities and abundance of options, this is not their focus.

For additional information, or for a referral to a great senior housing placement advisor in your area, contact your local Senior Real Estate Specialist® (SRES). An SRES is a Realtor® that specializes in assisting seniors with the sale of their home, and they have an abundance of information and resources to help navigate a senior’s next move.

The Process Of Relocation

When it comes to relocation, there are a lot of things that need to be sorted out. Let us take a look at office relocation and family relocation to see what the different processes would be.

Office relocation

This can be quite a chaotic time for a business. It is one thing to move a single family, it is entirely another to move a lot of people and all of their various files and documents and work stations. You will have to make sure that all the sensitive documents are placed in sealed boxes or locked filing units so that only the authorised people have access to the information. You do not want the relocation company to have access to your confidential salary information or customer information. Nor do you want anyone that is not in the payroll department to have access to the salary information of the other employees.

You also have to be sure that each desk and computer goes to the person who originally used it. This means that you will have to make sure that each computer and monitor is labelled correctly with the name of the person who uses it. Time is an important factor when it comes to an office relocation. People do not want to lose a lot of time unpacking and waiting for their things to arrive. They want to get to the new office and begin work almost immediately.

Family relocation

This is significantly easier than office relocation. There is generally a lot more to pack per person, but fewer people over all to move. There is also no confidential information to be taken care of. It is quite simple to pack everything into boxes and to label it according to the room it is supposed to go into and then to put the boxes into that room and unpack them as you need to. you will also be able to make use of everyone in the family to unpack all of the boxes as there is nothing that is really confidential to worry about. This makes both the packing and unpacking a lot easier and a lot faster as many hands make light work. You can also take longer to unpack everything once you have got it into your new home as you might not need it immediately.

The complexity of any move generally depends on how many people you are relocating. The more people there are the more complex it gets. There will be more boxes to arrange and pack and unpack. This is why an office move is generally a lot more complicated than a family relocation. Of course, the earlier you start to plan things and get things ready, the easier it is to get things sorted out on the other end again.

As you can see, there is a big difference between an office relocation and a family relocation, primarily because of the number of people who are being moved. There is one common denominator though, planning. Planning will always make things go more smoothly and more quickly.

Tips for Moving to Another Country

BE SURE – Moving can be extremely stressful, be as certain as you can be that it's the right move for you before you go. If possible visit the country before you make up your mind, don't rely on other people's impressions. Ask yourself if the new culture will really suit you (and your family).

BE PREPARED – … For anything and everything to go wrong. Don't assume that you'll be able to find the perfect job or house immediately. If possible make sure you've got enough money to see you through the first couple of months at the very least (preferably longer). And to do that you'll need to …

BUDGET – As unglamorous as it sounds, good budgeting could be what makes the difference between a successful relocation and a disaster. Before you go, work out what everything is going to cost during those crucial first months when you're trying to find your feet in a foreign land.

DON'T DELAY – Start preparing as early as possible, just getting all the necessary paperwork in order can take a long time. Make a checklist of everything you need to do!

CHECK YOUR BENEFITS – If your company has initiated your move you may be eligible for relocation benefits. Make sure you ask if they haven't told you already!

HEALTH – Make sure that the country you are moving to has adequate healthcare facilities and infrastructure to support you (and your family), especially if you suffer from a medical condition which requires treatment or medication.

YOUR HOME – Think about what you want to do with your current home (eg sell it, lease it, leave it empty) and what kind of accommodation will be most suitable in your new country. If you don't know anyone in the new country who can help find accommodation, consider the services of a relocation agent.

EMPLOYMENT – Will you be looking for work in your new country? If so, consider starting your job hunt before you go (use the Internet!) Will you be able to use your existing qualifications or will a period of retraining be necessary? If you're moving somewhere where they don't speak the same language as you then you should …

LEARN THE LANGUAGE – Few skills will have such a positive impact on your relocation experience as being able to speak, or at least understand, the local language. Getting to grips with the local lingo before you go is a great idea!

PAPERWORK – No matter how insignificant that old document at the back of the bottom drawer may seem now, take it with you, the chances are at some stage you'll have to show it to someone. Moving countries can be a bureaucratic nightmare at the best of times but if you come prepared with the necessary paperwork you stand the best chance of a stress free relocation. Things to think about include birth certificates, wedding certificates, educational certificates, medical certificates (including those for your pets!), Etc.

FRIENDS & FAMILY – Don't forget to inform everyone of your new address and when you're going (unless you don't want them to find you, of course 😉 Seriously though, saying goodbye to friends and family can be the hardest thing about leaving, be prepared for an emotional rollercoaster ride as the day of departure draws near.

YOUR BELONGINGS – Will you be taking everything with you or leaving some items in storage (or even getting rid of them completely)? How will you move your belongings? Can you transport them yourself or do you need the services of a moving company? Set aside those things you need to take with you in person so they don't get packed accidentally (passports, tickets, etc.)

INSURANCE – Once you've decided what you're taking with you, insure it. If you haven't already arranged appropriate insurance (health / life / travel, etc.) for yourself and your family as well … DO SO!

BANKING – You may need to open a new bank account in your new country – look for information on the one which suits you best. Do you need to close your current bank account? At the very least you'll need to tell your current bank that you're moving.

CREDIT CARDS – Credit card companies need to be informed you're moving. Also, will the credit cards you're taking with you are widely accepted?

DRIVING – Depending on where you're going and how long you're going to be there you may need to apply for a new driving license or even take a driving test. Will you take your car with you or buy / rent / lease one when you get to your destination country?

UTILITIES etc – Gas, electricity, cable companies and so on will need to be informed of your departure and contracts terminated where appropriate. Make arrangements for final meter readings and bill payments.

POST REDIRECTION – Having your mail redirected after you leave can prevent you from missing something important.

ELECTRIC DEVICES AND MOBILE PHONES – Check whether or not your TV, video, hair dryer, alarm clock etc will work in the new country. You may need to take out a new network subscription for a mobile phone (or buy a new one with a subscription) – watch out for roaming charges with your current phone if you use it.

EMAIL – If moving means you can't keep your current email address, consider a free web based email account you can access from anywhere.

And finally, a couple of important tips for when you get to your new country …

MAKE FRIENDS – Whether locals or fellow expats, nothing will help you more than being able to rely on the assistance of your friends when you need it. Don't think that socializing is time wasted, it's what makes a new country feel like home.

DON'T BE TOO HARD ON YOURSELF – Moving to a new country is difficult. Even when everything goes according to plan it's still difficult. There will be times when you're physically and emotionally exhausted but try not to let things get on top of you. Don't be shy about asking for help or support, there are plenty of people who have been there before.

Good luck!

Identify The Right Movers For Moving to New Location

If you are moving to Colarado springs, then it is important to have complete information about this place. Colarado springs is a popular location in the United States. Many people are now moving to Colarado springs, thanks to the wonderful job opportunities.

You may want to check with relocation companies, movers and packers who would help move your belongings and personal effects. There are so many people who keep relocating to this wonderful place, either due to personal reasons for or better job prospects. This has led to real estate agents doing brisk business. Even moving companies have their hands full, thanks to the number of people who keep coming to this place. The moving company and relocation companies will surely be able to help you in identifying truck rentals, movers, packers that are required for your relocation. There are a number of reputed moving companies who offer good services at affordable rates.

You may check out for detailed relocation information on the websites of the local organizations, if you are moving to Colarado springs. Here you will get a complete color map of the place, fact sheets, relocation guides, recreation map, state map and so on. Many realty companies also offer custom made relocation packages that are affordable. Depending on your budget and requirements, you may want to find about competitive realty rates.

If you are on a lean budget, then it is not advised to go in for an ownership home. You can in fact check out for rental homes. There are a number of places which are quite affordable. Just check out with property brokers and visit few homes, before finalizing any one. When you are new to Colarado springs, it may be difficult for you to identify a rental property. The best way is to contact a property broker so that he or she will be able to show you few properties. You can then decide and finalize the deal.

Have a budget in mind before you even start visiting properties for rent. The real estate or property broker will be in a better position to show you homes suiting your budget. When moving to Colarado springs, you need to dispose off things or belongings which are not worth carrying. You will be amazed at the number of unwanted things or junk you would have accumulated over the years. Another advantages of benefit of organizing the belongings is that you also save money on carriage or movement of your goods. Many property owners rent out fully furnished homes. Before moving to Colarado springs, you may want to dispose off your furniture, if you so desire. There is no point carrying everything, if you are gong to stay in a furnished accommodation.

Moving And Relocation Services Made Easy With Proper Move Planning

Over 18% of Americans moves from one home to another each year and up to 80% of those will relocate in just a few short months during the Summer. The most secure option for insuring a safe and smooth move for you or your family is to prepare early for your upcoming move. Some people chose to save money and move themselves but there are many undesirable aspects to do it yourself moving that may leave you wanting to hire a pro mover. Choosing a reliable moving company that you can trust is going to be your most important decision once you decide against moving yourself and using the internet to help in your search for a mover isn't as easy as you might think.

The web has made it much to easy for un-licensed and down right bad movers to take advantage of good people who think that the cheapest mover must be the way to go when in reality cheap moving companies are probably your worst choice. Moving is a service and as with most things in life you get what you pay for in a moving company. Going cheap with the company that will pack up and haul everything you own is not the best choice you can make and hiring a quality moving company is a much safer choice.

One of the biggest issues movers face is in managing the huge number of people that want to move during the summer months. If you can possibly avoid moving during the summer you can alleviate many of the headaches others find when moving. Moving companies experience up to 90% of their business during the summer months and many of them will intentionally overbook moving trucks and make promises they know they can't keep in the hopes that they are able to squeeze you move in somehow. These kind of moving companies can cause some real trouble for those of us that plan things in detail. If you have to maintain a schedule and show up to your new job on Monday you certainly don't want to be stuck at home waiting for the mover to show up with your business clothing in the back do you?

of course not and no one would. What you must do is plan properly and research early so you can find not just any moving company but the right moving company for you. What you want is to find an affordable moving company that provides professional level services at reasonable rates. Finding the cheapest mover is easy but finding a moving company to trust with the entire contents of your home is far more difficult. When planning your next move take the time to research a number of moving companies licensed to provide the type of services you require. Some moving services companies offer complete relocation services including lads of information in moving guides, tips and calculators online. For up to date information on the moving industry take a look at some of the moving company blogs and read about current trends in the moving industry.