Managing a Pre-Move Survey – Important Tips & Suggestions

The pre-move survey is important in order to get accurate moving estimates from professional packers and movers in India. Most removal companies in India provide free pre-move survey. People often overlook on pre-move survey. But it is essential and very important to get accurate estimate. Once, you have decided to make your relocation with the help of professional moving company you would like to get an estimate from for your shift. Before getting an estimate from any one of removal firms in your area you should invite the company representative for a pre-move survey. Make sure that professional removal firms have the following information and processes. This will assist you find out the experience level of a professional removal company.

Before the survey it is significant that the survey representative calls and verifies for the following: –

1. Time and Day of Relocation
2. Address of Old Home and New Home
3. Distance between Old Home and New Home
4. Weight of Goods to be Transported
5. Special Needs like Pets Moving, Plants Moving, Warehousing, Insurance Facility, etc

For a precise estimate to be set to meet you necessities and budgets, it is vital that all issues are taken into proper concern by the survey consultant of professional moving company. You should confirm the moving firm about distance between your old home and new home. You should inform your mover about quantity that you wish you shift. Also you should inform about your special needs like pet moving, plant moving, warehousing needs, goods insurance need, etc. For long distance move it is important to make pre-move survey. But for small distance move, it can be normally done over the phone call. In this way you will be certainly get a precise & right estimate which will help you plan you budget and make preparation for your relocation. The main purpose of pre-move survey is to provide you precise estimate and detailed & written information about your move covering each and every aspect involved in your move.

On pre-move survey you can also get detailed information about your mover which services you are going to hire. The company representative will inform you about its company reputation, registration, experience, number of staffs, previous customers & clients. In fact, pre-move survey is also the right time to research your mover or find reliability of the move which services you will hire to make your relocation.

I hope this article will help you arrange your pre-move survey to get accurate estimate from the right and truly professional removal company in your area.